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Jens Soering Podcast

Jens Soering spent 33 years in British and US maximum security prisons. In this podcast, he talks about the terrorists, murderers, bank robbers and child molesters with whom he was incarcerated — not from the perspective of an investigator or a psychologist, but that of a fellow inmate. He got to know the human beings behind the monstrous acts and even shared a cell with some of them.

Through the enforced closeness of prison life, Jens learned details about the crimes of the other inmates that were never made public. They told him about their motivations before the crime and their feelings afterward. These were things they didn't want to tell police officers and social workers.


What motivated an unassuming car mechanic to plant bombs on two airplanes that killed 331 people? What motivated a pastor to cheat on his wife and then shoot his lover — accidentally, he says — during a drunken sex game in church?

That's what “Sympathy with the devil - True crime from an insider“ is all about.

Jens Soering Podcast
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