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Jens Soering Coaching


  • Resilience and mental strength

  • Escape from toxic relationships

Resilience and mental strength

These are the qualities I had to develop during my 33 years behind bars in order to survive in prison and fight my way to freedom. My fellow inmates, the justice system and the supposéd hopelessness of my situation couldn‘t break my will.

To this end, I developed a system that enabled me to persevere and prevail, no matter how many setbacks I experienced. Since my release, I’ve been helping people who want to become more resilient and mentally stronger themselves. Optimizing these skills is one of the best investments in one’s own future.

Escape from toxic relationships

At the age of 19, a toxic relationship cost me my freedom and nearly my life. I used the following 33 years to work on myself and to understand my mistakes.

True freedom begins with self-knowledge. In addition, I devoted myself to studying toxic relationships, personality disorders and the grieving process. For me, this was a continuation of my college education as a psychology major.

The combination of bitter experience, self-therapy and theoretical analysis enabled me to leave prison with a healed heart. Today, in freedom, I lead a happy and fulfilled life.

Some people came to me because of current problems, others wanted to prepare for upcoming crises. I have a mental “toolkit” that makes it possible to deal constructively with strokes of fate and to make a new start.


I’m not offering easy answers or magic solutions, achievable in three simple steps with guaranteed success. What I can offer are skills that I acquired the hard way, over decades in prison. These skills have also helped me to build a new life in Germany.

In my coachings, I‘ll show you how I reached my goal — and how you can, too. I’m often contacted by people who are in toxic relationships or suspect that they are. (It can be hard to recognize your own relationship as toxic.)

I accompany such people on their way to freedom so that they, like me, can feel joy again.

If my life proves anything, it’s this: it’s never too late for true love.

Outside of Germany, I’ve offered online coaching on a one-on-one basis, so that I can fully concentrate on the individual needs of each coachee. I’ll continue to do that in future, but starting in 2024, I’ll also be offering seminars for small groups.

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