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If you feel trapped

in a mental prison,

I’ll help you escape!

Jens Soering

Executive Resilience Coach

Do you feel the walls
closing in on you?

In your office the pressure keeps rising. Outside your workplace, market instability keeps growing. On your way home, the same question keeps coming: “Why am I doing this to myself?”

I get it, I really do. On the surface, my life may have been very different from yours. But underneath, I experienced the same anxieties as you do. For 33 long, long years.


That's how much time I spent behind prison walls, wrongfully convicted. Every single morning I got up out of my cot and went to war, fighting for justice and freedom. With almost no hope of success.

That's really not so different from your office dungeon, is it? Every day is a struggle for you, and every day success seems further out of reach. What‘s the point?, you ask yourself. But there doesn‘t seem to be an answer.


So I truly do understand your feelings. And that's why I can help.

I was able to survive more than three decades in maximum security and fight my way to freedom because I developed resilience. Through trial and error, I put together my own seven-step program for learning this special kind of mental strength.


That‘s why, for me, resilience isn‘t an academic subject or an HR tool to improve employee performance. It‘s the key to inner and outer freedom! Resilience gave me the courage to keep fighting for a better future when others in my situation had long given up.

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As your coach, I can help you develop that same mental strength. When you do, you can escape your mental prison, just as I broke out of mine.

Of course, you may doubt that you can escape the office chain gang. It’s hard to feel hope when your day job crushes your spirit.

What can you do about that? Download my free e-book, “Handbook for your mental prison break.” What have you got to lose, except your chains?

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