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Toward the end of the Netflix series “Till murder do us part: Soering vs. Haysom,” the argument is made that the DNA-Tests performed in 2009 neither prove my innocence nor my guilt. This argument is based on the theory that the blood samples at issue might have been mixed or contaminated.

This is not true!

The person making this claim in the Netflix series is not a DNA scientist.


His LinkedIn profile, shown to the right, describes him as a translator.


The State Bar of Texas has him listed as an “inactive” attorney. The last time he practiced law in Texas was in 2003.

Jens soering

It is difficult to understand why Netflix chose a translator to discuss the DNA evidence, since there are two renowned DNA scientists who have worked intensively on this case:

Prof Dr Moses Schanfield

Prof. Dr. Moses Schanfield
George Washington University

Prof Dr J Thomas McClintock

Prof. Dr. J. Thomas McClintock
Liberty University

Each of them has testified as an expert witness on DNA at more than 100 trials.


Both Prof. Schanfield and Prof. McClintock concluded independently of each other:


  • the blood samples were not mixed or contaminated, and

  • the DNA evidence indicates the presence of two male perpetrators with DNA profiles different from mine.

Quote from Prof. Moses Schanfield


There is a video of Prof. Schanfield discussing the DNA evidence at a press conference in 2017. He is introduced at minute 7:

Quote from Prof. J. Thomas McClintock

Quote from Prof J Thomas McClintock


If you’re interested in more details, please visit my YouTube channel, where I have a five-part series on DNA.

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