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Jens Soering

Executive Resilience Coach

Feeling trapped in a mental prison?
I’ll help you escape!

Do you feel like you're trapped
in a mental prison?
I'll help you escape!

• You dread going to work every morning: How secure is your job?
• You see signs that risk levels are rising: How will you manage the "unknown unknowns?"
• You put out fires all day long, but you can't remember why anymore: What's the point and purpose?

If any of these statements and questions describe you, then you've come to the right place. I can help you escape the anxiety, uncertainty and sense of futility that are weighing you down. Download my free "Handbook for your mental prison break" now.

Cover FINAL - Handbook for Your Mental Prison Break.png

Get ready for your
mental prison break

As a coach, I can help you develop that same mental strength, so
you can escape your toxic work environment just as I broke out of
prison. That's what I've been doing in Germany since 2022, and
now I'm making the same offer to the English-speaking world.

Of course you may doubt that you can ever get off the office chain
gang. Or that I could help. Hey, I get that, too. It's hard to feel hope
when your day job crushes your spirit. So why not download my
free e-book, "Handbook for your mental prison break?" What have
you got to lose, except your chains?

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My name is Jens Soering, and I spent 33 years behind bars for a crime I didn’t commit. But I never gave up: I fought my way out of prison and rebuilt a new life and career.

How did I accomplish that? By mastering resilience, the seven mental skills that will help us survive and thrive, no matter what. I acquired these seven skills in jail because, with two life sentences, my only alternative was despair. Without resilience, I’d be dead. With it, I’m healthy, free and successful.

My resilience techniques can be applied to any situation. That includes career stagnation, unwanted workplace changes, toxic office environments, hellish colleagues and bleak future prospects. In one way or another, I experienced all of these, both in prison and since my release.

And yet here I am — because I kept applying the seven steps of resilience.

Now I want to share what I learned about resilience to help free others, like you. Your prison may be mental, but you need and deserve freedom no less than I.

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