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Lies in the Netflix series?

       My opinion

The Netflix series - My opinion

In 2023 Netflix released a series on the Haysom murder case. What a bitter disappointment! I spent 33 years in prison for a crime I didn’t commit. After my release, I wanted my story to be told truthfully. Obviously, I trusted the wrong people.

That’s too bad for you, because you’re not really going to learn what happened back then from the Netflix series. Many proven facts aren’t even mentioned, and other things are — in my opinion — completely misrepresented.

Elizabeth’s confession on tape — missing!

For example, did you know that Elizabeth confessed to the crime? On tape! I’ve linked the audio recording below, so you can listen to it yourself.


“I did it myself. … I got off on it.” That’s what Elizabeth told the police during an interrogation on June 8, 1986.







Of course, I gave all of this information to Netflix, but apparently the filmmakers didn’t think you should know about Elizabeth’s confession. Why?


I’m particularly upset by the end of the series. Here, several people make what I believe are factually incorrect statements: about the DNA tests, the sock print, and the idea that Elizabeth and I could have committed the crime together

Four corrections - with evidence!

If you’re interested in the truth, please review the following documents:

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